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R.T.M.M.M. is presently offering internships for 2012 to graduate level students in various disciplines of study. Internships periods are from 3 to 9 months and are supervised by the museum scholars. We encourage applications from both local and international students with an interest in political science, law and the arts and sciences to apply. Some interns may be eligible for a stipend. In order to begin the application process please submit a letter of interest and Curriculum Vitae to

You will be contacted within 15 business days. We encourage children and relatives of "Red Terror" martyrs to apply.

Volunteer Information

Volunteer opportunities are available in various areas including library, reception, museum store, hosts for special events, and welcome committee for groups amongst others. Please e-mail us at

For more information or call us on +251 11 515 6206 or +251 911 434085.

Grants Opportunities

Small grants are available for scholars, writers, artists of different disciplines who wish to research and develop publications, films, and other expressions which educate, inform and enlighten the public about the “Red Terror”.


R.T.M.M.M. has ongoing projects and events related to the “Red Terror.” Please check our activities page for more information contact us.