Armored Cars on Your Shopping List

The production of armored cars has become a vibrant industry in the wake of rapid rise in the acts of terrorism across the globe. Many top cars brands have ventured into the production of armored cars so as to provide their clients with the best security resources available to help them ensure security of their high-ups and clients, especially in the disturbed regions. Most of these cars are available to the governments and military officials worldwide but if you’re someone who fears getting attacked by your enemies you can always opt for purchasing an armored land cruiser, which is manufactured by the top cars manufacturers. This article will present you with a list of some of the best armored cars which play a central role in ensuring safety to their riders. It is important to note that most of these insane armored vehicles are made in Canada.


  1. Toyota Land Cruiser by Alpha Armoring

The Alpha Armoring is a German company which has been in the business of making armored vehicles for over three decades. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a security beast which comes with a diesel engine that can leap 370 miles with a full tank, so you never have to visit a gas station during your trip from one place to another.


  1. Mercedes G-Class AMG by Alpha Armoring

The Alpha Armoring has been producing the Mercedes G-Class for over a couple of decades. This beast can save you even if a huge gang of armed personnel attack you from everywhere. Its doors and windows can save you from a bullet from a point-blank range. Such travel protocol is mostly available to the NATO officials. The company also offers to make the vehicle IED-proofed but additional features always come with an expensive price tag.


  1. Mercedes-Bens S600 by INKAS Armored

The INKAS Armored has studded its Mercedes-Benz S600 with security features like night vision, blast-proof undercarriage, a mighty V12 engine, etc. You may ride on this vehicle to securely pass through some of the most turbulent war zones in the world.


  1. Maybach by Texas Armoring Corporation

Security experts are of the belief that if you want to stay safe, you shouldn’t attract attention. However, you can afford to attract eyeballs in a Maybach which is manufactured by the Texas Armoring Corporation. This amazing armored vehicle can absorb a .308 rifle’s firing rounds. If you’re riding this beast, all you have to do is just take the seat and enjoy your stuff without having to pay any heed to what is happening in the outside world.


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