Avoid Overstepping While You Do SEO Optimization

We all know that the competition for sites to reach a top search engine result is too steep that SEO experts would resort to adopt non-technical and even unethical practices to attain their desired results. Resorting to too much of “Black Hat” SEO techniques would make your site completely invisible for search engines. If you still manage to cheat search engines and get top search results with smart SEO skills from your arsenal, your competitors would still report you for committing SEO scams!


  • Playing With Keywords: Keywords are an important aspect when it comes to SEO and influencer social media marketing. While a keyword density ranging from 3 to 7% on your page is acceptable, overstepping this margin would result in ‘Keyword Stuffing’; adapting to this measure would make your site unnoticeable for search engines. A text with keyword density reaching 10% would sound irrational when read by a real human. Keyword density within the title, the introduction and the opening paragraphs matter most. Using your target keywords in bold and italics appears unnatural as well. There are tools in the market to check whether your site is rightly optimized. Search engines have even resorted to impose penalties upon sites that are over stuffed with keywords or overstep with optimization in general.


  • Employing Doorway Pages and Hidden Text: None of these can be termed as good SEO techniques, they are mere manipulations devised to cheat search engines. Doorway pages have no relevance for a real human, they are tricks employed to reach top search results and invite visitors to your site. Hidden text is a similar SEO scam; this is invisible to human eye and is included in the HTML source of the page. This trick is employed to cheat search engines that a particular site is keyword rich. Introduction of PageRank algorithm by Google has eventually limited SEO experts in using these illegal optimization techniques.


  • Duplicate Content: In SEO, content is the king; but duplicate content hurts. Even when you place the same content on any two of your pages, your site ranking is bound to come down. Syndicated content as you will see with all the sites of news agencies may not hurt their rankings. However, you must try this and be on a look out if someone else is copying your content illegally and hurting your online marketing seriously. You can find from tools like Similar Page Checker if something wrong of this sort is happening to your site.


  • Links Spam: This SEO tool could be quite useful in helping your page rank well; but a misuse would ram you severely. Make sure that your inbound links outnumber outbound links, striving too much with useless outbound links will not do good for your page rank high. You can check your inbound and unbound links using tools like Domain Stats Tool and Site Link Analyzer. Tools like Backlink Anchor Text Analysis would help you check periodically if your site is getting backlinks from a third site using anchors that you don’t like.

And, finally Google or any other search engines would never recognize whether you have overstepped intentionally or the overstepping has resulted out of your good intentions. It is sensible that you employ reasonable SEO practices and always remember to play without overstepping the line.