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A Message from “RED TERROR" Martyrs’ Families and Friends Association

rtmmm statueIt has been a long and tiresome journey filled with tremendous challenges and miraculous victories that has lasted seventeen solid years, since the idea of erecting the “Red Terror” Martyrs' Memorial Monument (RTMMM) was conceived. Though the very idea of honoring the “Red Terror” Martyrs', that gave their precious life for the well being of the Ethiopian oppressed people, had been initiated by a handful of friends - victims themselves – and relatives of some of the martyrs, it has indeed been the concern of those millions who lost their loved ones to the brutal regime. As the process advanced, the number of stake holders progressively increased. Due mainly to this fact, it took us almost two decades to see the end result, namely the construction and inauguration of the R.T.M.M.M. We have worked hard as a collective to ensure a balance between sensitivity and sensibility in conveying the message regarding the importance of the monument. The museum is half the journey however, and we now continue to invest all our time and energy to ensure the important message of “Never, Ever Again” be enshrined in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians and all people for that matter.

Our motto “Never, Ever Again” directly refers to state or civil sponsored holocausts, similar to the Ethiopian “Red Terror.” We are committed and indebted to the martyrs, for the peaceful life we now enjoy which was devastatingly attained through the senseless murders of our comrades and relatives. We as a society are empowered spiritually and morally by their sacrifice. Upholding the values and principles for which they paid the highest price, it is our duty and honor to share with generations to come their story, our story, history. Our objective is to build a bridge of communication and information that will help heal and bring greater understanding of the occurrences of that time, so that such an egregious atrocity and crime against humanity will never, ever again be repeated in our beloved country Ethiopia or on our planet for that matter. We will promote and foster a philosophy of tolerance and peaceful passage to conflict resolution. Finally, the R.T.M.M.M. will be a platform for the voice of those voiceless martyrs who can now by heard by the people of the world.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who made the R.T.M.M.M. possible and invite and encourage all Ethiopians to contribute to this effort by sharing any photographs, documents or ephemera on the “Red Terror.”  Your support and participation will help us memorialize the martyrs, ensuring their lives were not lost in vain. Together as a community, country, continent and planet we pay homage to the Martyrs!