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News Update

The Association’s declaration of standing- point on the peace and reconciliation by the Derg Officials.

The Ethiopian religious leaders have established a committee and called a meeting to solve the wrong deeds of the Dergue officials through peace and reconciliation. But the “Red Terror” Martyrs’ Families and Friends Association wishes to express the following standing point, after having a general assembly on January 2nd 2011.

The committee established by the Ethiopian religious leaders had raised a question of peace and reconciliation to solve problems of the Dergue officials who had already been prosecuted and sentenced to prison on the crime of genocide. The “Red Terror” Martyrs’ Families and Friends Association called members and concerned bodies for a meeting on -- at the Association’s hall to decide on their standing point. The participating members described the inhuman actions of Mengistu bitterly.

The assembly has examined the case thoroughly and came to the following conclusion:

1. Various Medias have reported that the committee established by the religious leaders is agitating people towards peace and reconciliation without informing the Association and thousands of victim’s families. So we are strictly opposed to such of movement.

500,000 people said to be political opponents were killed by the fascist Derg from 1977 - 1978 which is totally against the domestic and international law. But, above all the military dictators are responsible not only for killing these people but they also brought about problems on the political structure of the country by abusing power while they could have solved everything by tolerance. So, we are not accepting these peoples’ apologies.

Crimes of the officials which we have highlighted above are against humanity as stated on Article 28 sub-article 1and 2 of the FDRE constitution, and based on this they have faced a fair trial.

After discussing the case thoroughly we have agreed to reject the apology and we also have decided that the victims’ need to be compensated based on domestic and international laws.

We have agreed to share our Declaration with various Media outlets as well to the following concerned authorities:

a . President of FDRE
b. Prime Minister of the FDRE
c. The Council of Federation
d. The House of Peoples Representatives.,
e. The Ministry of Justice.
f. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
g. The nine Regional States Administration and City Councils and
h. Various religious institutions.

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