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5 Web Design Fails That Can Kill Your Online Business

For some business owners, their e-commerce sites are their primary source of profit. This platform serves as their main channel to reach out to their target audience and present their products and services.

But the design of a website can affect the way these business owners do their business. It may seem like the look of the business website doesn’t matter, but these design fails can kill your online business prospects and cause the downfall of your e-commerce site:

  • Auto-play content

Some people think that auto-play video and audio content is cool and innovative. But a lot of digital agencies in Dubai say otherwise. This can irritate some online site visitors who prefer to have a quiet shopping experience on your site. This can also slow down your page loading which can attribute to your site’s bounce rate. It would be best to eliminate this feature if not necessary. But if you are keen on putting this on your site, be strategic with the placement and give the users an option to disable this feature.

  • Unclear call to action

Call-to-action buttons and phrases are subtle ways to navigate a user to perform certain actions to fulfill a set goal. If the call-to-action is not clear, there is a high chance that the user will miss it when checking out the page. This can be considered as a missed opportunity for conversion. A top web design agency in UAE suggests to make the CTA elements stand out from the rest of the page. The color of the buttons should not be the same with the color scheme of the entire site. It would be best to use powerful and catchy phrases to further convince the users to perform an action.

  • Too many pop-ups

Like the autoplay content, pop-ups of subscriptions can be annoying and disrupting for some users. Be sure to keep this to a minimum. Do not make it a habit to put pop-up forms in every page. The ideal way to implement this marketing tool is to do it sparingly and it should be before a user starts browsing the site.

  • Unresponsive design

A lot of people are always on the go and checking out sites on their mobile devices. To capture this audience, you need to ensure that your website is responsive and easy to navigate on any device. Unresponsive website decrease your site traffic as customers would prefer to look for sites that are optimized both for web and mobile.

  • Lack of site navigation

You need to remember that users are will not stay in one page when browsing a site. They would go through several pages to look for items they want to purchase. The lack of navigation in the site would prevent them from exploring your website and can also add to your bounce rate.