All about freebase nicotine

As we are going ahead, the sales of nicotine, drugs, tobacco, caffine, hashish, coacaine and many others is increasing day by day. Psychologists and teachers are working to know the reasons of it. Some of them say that digitization has been affecting mental health negatively because whatever you read or see on Facebook, Instagram, Google is not less than information; therefore, there is now sensory overload on minds due to which the people are in stress more than the people in past that result in increment in sales of drugs and nicotine because the users think and feel that their intake would lessen the pressure and stress. Thus, they vape or drink or eat them but they don’t that how much it is harmful. Take an example of freebase nicotine.

Have you heard about freebase nicotine? Have you heard the term “freebase nicotine vs nic salts”?

If no, then read below and know about them

What is freebase nicotine?

What is in your cigarettes?

Simple, tobacco. Now what is in tobacco?

Simple, nicotine.

The nicotine in your cigarettes and in cigars is freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine, as the name suggests, is free of all impurities and chemicals that reduce the taste and effect of nicotine. It is the purest form of nicotine, you have. The purest nicotine is more addictive because its absorption rate is the highest and the more it is absorbed, the more it gives you a kick.

What is the history of freebase nicotine?

In nature, your nicotine is mixed different chemicals and impurities. In 1960s the companies started using methods to remove such impurities and make cigars and cigarettes from pure nicotine. The companies started it to increase their sales. They noted that changing method is more effective than adding more nicotine. In 1950s, there is only one brand which uses this technique but in 1960s, all companies started using it.

What is the difference between Freebase nicotine and nic salt?

Nic salt is the mixture of nicotine base and acid but freebase nicotine is not the mixture, it is the purest form of nicotine. That’s why, the pure is stable while salt is stable. That’s the reason why its absorption rate is lower than freebase. Today, there are many best salt nic vapes but none of them have freebase nicotine. There are even vapes pods for sale at different stores all the times, but freebase is absent in them as well.