Dubai Without Cocktail? Not Happening!

The city of Dubai always welcomes its visitors with an open heart and arms as its astonishing architecture and luxury lifestyle inspire visitors from the whole world. It doesn’t matter, if you want to hang out in the daytime or the night time because this city never sleeps. People come here from around the globe so you don’t find any compromising way to give a break to your mood or reduce your charge even in your evenings. Cocktail bars in Dubai never let you feel down so just chill and relax.

There are many types of cocktails available to make your mood excited and amusing. Few most favorite drinks are as follows;

The Cosmopolitan: A top-ranking cocktail with large variety of alcohol selection and cranberry juice with the seasoning of gourmet Cointreau and lime juice. Walla! You will definitely ask for another glass due to its flavor and aroma.

Margarita: A tequila-based cocktail with vodka and liquor of chocolates and lots of lemonade. A sharp and delicious flavor makes your mood rock and spooky.

A Mojito: Your exotic time at a Dubai’s lounge or bar will swing into action with this tropical cocktail which is equally popular on a sunny day or on gloomy evenings. Strong Cuban and sugarcane juice mixed with club soda and squeezed lime is décor with few mint leaves. You can rock now.

Pearl Martini: Swedish pearl vodka with a splash of grapefruit juice and a squeezed lime will change your mood in a fraction of the time and let you enjoy the music played by the DJ.

Have fun with your friends during a sunny day or glam nights with exotic lighting to make your feet tapping with DJ’s exclusive jazz beats. Dubai’s bars are rocking and are the best places for charging your vacations trip and swinging your body with energy.

Mint Leaf Bar is one of the finest cocktail taverns and it offers a plumb entrance with chilled melody lounge and smartly mixed cocktails. These cocktails are suitable for both classy gentlemen, who want to hold a hand of their lady and relax on the melodious beats and a promising signature drink or a rock and roll lovers. You don’t want to miss the DJ business executive tips to make your body move under the possession of best cocktail in Dubai.

Don`t miss out on your action during your vacation by not entering the nearest pub for some vodka and the dancing opportunity. Give yourself a favor and ask a pitcher of mojito cocktail to glorify your trip in Dubai. Incalculably chilled drinks at Mint Leaf with fine foods and lavish views are an implausible experience for all guests and 1st-time visitors. So ladies night in Dubai on Monday will give you an amazing experience and the opportunity to turn your vacations in an unforgettable time.