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5 Travel Trends and Predictions That You Need To Watch Out For This 2018

Travel agencies and companies are always on their toes trying to offer something new to their clients. As much as possible, they want to cater to the needs of ever-changing globetrotters and travelers. This 2018, the millennials and the up and coming Generation Z will dictate the trend in terms of travel expeditions and concepts.

Here are some interesting travel predictions that these generations might expect to see when they check their travel bucket list:

  1. Extreme trips and adventures


Travel industry experts already saw the emergence of extreme travelling way before. But a few of the past conservative generation were able to try this kind of travel expedition and most of them just settled for the traditional travel itinerary and trips. But the rise of the new generation also paved way to the rise of extreme traveling. More and more travelers will be seeking heart-stopping activities as part of their travel itinerary and the travel industry will heed this call.


  1. Travel to transform


Apart from fulfilling the heart’s desire for adventure, millennial travelers will also be looking to take vacations to mend their tired minds and bodies. Last 2017, some travel agencies and companies started introducing wellness vacations to travelers who are in need of a much-needed break from their busy lives. Aside from checking out attractions and destinations, there will be travel packages that would include wellness sessions and activities to rejuvenate the mind and the body.


  1. Longer or extended vacation


The average travel duration of most tourists and vacationers range from 3 days to one week. But in 2018, more and more travelers will be booking for open tickets and extended stays, all thanks to technology and connectivity. Travelers will be able to do their jobs in the comforts of their hotel rooms or while soaking the sun. Working vacations will also be a thing this 2018.


  1. Sustainable tourism


While there are sets of travelers looking for adventurous trips, there will be some tourists who would opt to defy expectations and travel to help others. Transformational travel and volunteerism will be on the rise, paving way for a new kind of travelers. This traveling trend has been going on for years, but it is just this year that volunteer traveling will be given emphasis and would convince more people to travel for a cause.


  1. Cruise for the younger set


The high seas will be taking the spotlight this year as the younger generation will be giving the cruise traveling a chance. Cruise operators have been trying to capture this new market by revamping the way they do cruise traveling. This year, packages will cater to the needs of these millennials with technology and other amenities integrated with cruise ship facilities.