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Why Joining After School Activities Should Be Part Of Your Kids’ Education

Learning is not just about excelling in academics. Although doing well in academic subjects is important, parents need to learn the importance of holistic learning in order for their kids to be a well-rounded individual and succeed better in life.

And part of holistic learning is being involved in after school activities. For some parents, attending extra classes not related to academics is just a complete waste of time. But joining these activities and clubs can be beneficial for your kid. If you are hesitant about having your kids attend extra-curricular activities, these reasons might change your mind:

  1. It can serve as a breather from school


School can be overwhelming at times, even for your kids. When things get too much overwhelming, kids may feel suffocated and it can affect their academic performance. Having an outlet to release that stress is good for kids. Attending an after school activity can provide a venue for kids to release their stress and worries. They can get their minds off school for a while and clear their heads. When they are not stressed out, they can do better in school and achieve their goals.


  1. Kids can learn to apply theories in real-life


Concepts and theories are often taught in the classroom. Although some teachers provide or allot time to apply them in practical situations, after school clubs and activities would give the students an opportunity to apply them in real life situations. What they learn in the classroom would be applied to the activities they are participating in.


  1. It will widen your kid’s circle


One of the essence of joining a school club or attending an after school classes is for kids to meet others who share the same interests as theirs. Being able to relate and communicate with people from different walks of life at an early age would help them to be more empathetic of other’s situation and be more culturally-sensitive. It would also widen your kid’s circle of friends and acquaintances and boost their sense of belongingness.


  1. It will teach your kids how to manage time


Attending extra classes after school might eat up some of your kid’s time for academics and other things. But it would also teach them to prioritize their commitments and develop their time management skills. They will learn to balance their time and create a schedule that will accommodate all their commitments.

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